Fresh eyes and an experimentation mindset unlocked a new level of success.

San Francisco, California — Rothy’s was a popular women’s fashion brand but relatively unknown for their unique differentiator: a shoe you can wash in the washing machine. They believed they could unlock a new level of scale for their business by pivoting, and brought us in to help.

Applying an experimentation mindset, we tested into a diverse range of creative assets to find what resonated best with consumers. A “king of the hill” testing approach was used to find resonant copy and audience combinations. Following the data, we aggressively iterated on winning approaches and sunset poor performers. One early learning: simplicity trumps stylization. Shifting away from expensive editorial shoots and toward simpler product shots allowed for faster creative production at a lower cost, fueling the iteration engine.


  • +126% ROAS
  • +240% clicks
  • +329% in topline revenue
  • Decrease in expensive photography costs

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