Research, Strategy & Insights

Every client engagement is rooted in a deep understanding of consumers and the market.

Strategy Grounded in Research

Our Research, Strategy & Insights team thinks holistically about the market — delivering data-driven observations to clients through cross-industry insight, and an in-depth understanding of channel dynamics and the macro trends that influence every strategic initiative. This helps us to see around the market’s dimly-lit corners, face upcoming challenges, and identify new paths forward.


Research & Strategy

  • Market research
  • Consumer research
  • Competitive analyses
  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping

Trends & Forecasting

  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Macro trends
  • Market insights
  • Industry POVs
  • Platform POVs

Industry Landscapes

  • Industry research
  • Industry analysis
  • Implications and opportunities
  • Digital landscape assessment
  • Industry playbooks



Two Weeks After iOS 14.5, Here’s What We Know

The latest Apple iOS 14.5 update comes with even more changes directly impacting your mobile campaigns. Don’t you worry — we've been monitoring these updates closely since day one, and have put together an easy-to-use guide to help you make informed decisions on your mobile campaigns right away.


Don’t Just Keep Up with Social – Get Ahead of it

Some recent marketing food for thought: with the constantly evolving economic disparity, civil unrest, and uncertainty across the world – are ‘best practices on social’ even relevant anymore? The answer is murky, but I’ll forge on with a “yes, and” response... maybe a “yes, but.”


Cyber Week or Cyber Month?

Two weeks into Q4, the surprises of 2020 keep coming. In spite of a volatile economy, this Cyber Week is set to be the biggest ever. How a pandemic, an election, and a holiday rush will come together to create a perfect storm.


iOS 14 Is Coming. What Does It Mean For Facebook Marketers?

While Mark Zuckerberg was going viral for this (bigfoot-esque) picture of him surfing off the coast of Hawaii, Facebook announced they will no longer be riding the wave of IDFA data from some Apple users, thanks to a suite of recently announced iOS 14 privacy changes. This has serious implications.


Advertising on Facebook – The Classic Image Ad is Here to Stay

Video, video, video. For the past 2-3 years, all we’ve been hearing is that video is the future of Facebook advertising. The prognosticators were not wrong, but when looking at direct response creative, it turns out – the classic image ad is here to stay.

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