Research, Strategy & Insights

Every client engagement is rooted in a deep understanding of consumers and the market.

Strategy Grounded in Research

Our Research, Strategy & Insights team thinks holistically about the market — delivering data-driven observations to clients through cross-industry insight, and an in-depth understanding of channel dynamics and the macro trends that influence every strategic initiative. This helps us to see around the market’s dimly-lit corners, face upcoming challenges, and identify new paths forward.


Research & Strategy

  • Market research
  • Consumer research
  • Competitive analyses
  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping

Trends & Forecasting

  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Macro trends
  • Market insights
  • Industry POVs
  • Platform POVs

Industry Landscapes

  • Industry research
  • Industry analysis
  • Implications and opportunities
  • Digital landscape assessment
  • Industry playbooks

Recent Insights


Two Weeks After iOS 14.5, Here’s What We Know

The latest Apple iOS 14.5 update comes with even more changes directly impacting your mobile campaigns. Don’t you worry — we've been monitoring these updates closely since day one, and have put together an easy-to-use guide to help you make informed decisions on your mobile campaigns right away.


Don’t Just Keep Up with Social – Get Ahead of it

Some recent marketing food for thought: with the constantly evolving economic disparity, civil unrest, and uncertainty across the world – are ‘best practices on social’ even relevant anymore? The answer is murky, but I’ll forge on with a “yes, and” response... maybe a “yes, but.”


Cyber Week or Cyber Month?

Two weeks into Q4, the surprises of 2020 keep coming. In spite of a volatile economy, this Cyber Week is set to be the biggest ever. How a pandemic, an election, and a holiday rush will come together to create a perfect storm.


iOS 14 Is Coming. What Does It Mean For Facebook Marketers?

While Mark Zuckerberg was going viral for this (bigfoot-esque) picture of him surfing off the coast of Hawaii, Facebook announced they will no longer be riding the wave of IDFA data from some Apple users, thanks to a suite of recently announced iOS 14 privacy changes. This has serious implications.


Advertising on Facebook – The Classic Image Ad is Here to Stay

Video, video, video. For the past 2-3 years, all we’ve been hearing is that video is the future of Facebook advertising. The prognosticators were not wrong, but when looking at direct response creative, it turns out – the classic image ad is here to stay.

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