We’re building the kind of marketing agency we always wanted to work with: accountable, helpful, and constantly learning.

Our Values

Be the Good

We act with integrity, humility, and altruism inside and outside our company. We promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in every aspect of our business. We cultivate a safe workplace where everyone feels respected, engaged, and able to reach their full potential. Bottom line: We give a shit.


We take pride in our work, holding ourselves to a high standard of executional excellence. We continually work to expand our skills and master our craft. Our approach sets precedent and reverberates throughout our always-changing industry, inspiring adaptation among brands, platforms, and agencies.

Growth Mindset

We bias towards action, starting with “what is possible?” instead of being stuck in scarcity. We embrace challenges and welcome feedback as opportunities to improve what we do and how we do it. We find joy in the process and are fueled by our curiosity to master complex problems. We aren’t afraid to take calculated risks or operate in ambiguity, recognizing that imperfection is a part of progress.

Emphathetic Directness

We give and receive feedback with courage, openness, and empathy—internally and externally, across departments, and at all levels. We do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We aim to understand (not judge) and teach (not take over). Our feedback is empirical and focuses on behaviors and outcomes.

All In

New Engen is our company. We believe in what we are building together and put the team first in order to accomplish our shared goals. We reject apathy and cynicism and do everything we can to help each other win. Being All In is not about the hours we log, nor does it mean that we agree on every decision. Rather, it is a mentality of common purpose that guides how we engage, reach consensus and show up for our clients and teammates.

On the Blog

Here, you will find information on the awards we have won, upcoming events we will be attending or presenting at, and other updates on the exciting happenings within our companies.

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New Engen Leadership

Justin Hayashi

CEO | Seattle, WA

Co-founder of New Engen, lover of strategic attribution discussions, and fried chicken enthusiast.

Jon White

President | Seattle, WA

Jon’s storied career includes Zulily’s IPO and leading operations for Tableau in Singapore.

Bridgette Takeuchi

SVP Operations | Seattle, WA

Committed to building strong teams through strategic vision and exemplary execution.

Cindy Arthur

VP of Performance Marketing | Seattle, WA

Purveyor of marketing innovation bringing fire to New Engen since 2016.

Kevin Goodwin

VP of Performance Marketing | Seattle, WA

Long-time marketing practitioner and obsessive problem-solver focused on new client partnerships.

Adam Telian

VP of Performance Marketing | Boston, MA

Digital marketer born to drive results with love for media, problem-solving, pancakes, and Oxford commas.

Nora Bafus

Executive Creative Director | Seattle, WA

Experienced creative coach. Video storyteller dropping hot content on every screen. Team Khaleesi.

Anna Otieno

Head of Research, Strategy & Insights

Creative researcher and strategist. Expert in cultural and industry trends — and random trivia.

Michael Goodwin

Chief of Staff | Seattle, WA

Recovering performance marketer and one-time intern. More recently, a biz ops utility player.

Sabeeka Dar

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships | Seattle, WA

Self-proclaimed badass who loves in-depth (some say rabbit hole) conversations about business just as much as travel and women in sports.

Katherine Lenci

Senior Director of Accounting & Finance | Seattle, WA

Passionate about building teams and scalable finance functions to drive positive business impact.

Chanel Montgomery

Senior Art Director | Houston, TX

Jane of all trades. Passionate problem solver. 16+ yrs of performing marketing & design miracles.

Jason Rankin

Senior Director, Client Success & Operations | Seattle, WA

Uses background in analytics, consulting, marketing, theatre, and board games to solve problems.

Nate Brown

Director, Business Development | Charlottesville, VA

Digital guru, cyclist, and Survivor superfan. Always down to talk shop.

Christine Cerniglia

Director, Operations | Charlotte, NC

Used to optimize marketing performance, now optimizes New Engen's performance. Also big on fitness.

Gary Chan

Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Head of Strategic Growth bringing 10+ years of Finance experience. Lover of all food and cat mugs.

Elise Connors

Director, Media Services | St. Louis, MO

Digital marketer with 15 years of experience. Eats Excel formulas for breakfast & ROAS for dinner.

Saphir Glynn

Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Results-driven marketer and living proof you don't need good fashion sense to sell clothes.

Shannon Hill

Director of Marketing | Seattle, WA

Traditional marketer turned performance marketer turned marketer for a marketing agency.

Roman Honeycutt

Creative Director | Seattle, WA

Music, film, and burrito enthusiast. 10+ years of experience as a video storyteller, client collaborator, and creative leader.

Corey Kelmel

Director, Strategic Partnerships | Seattle, WA

Marketing nerd and analytics enthusiast turned biz dev conductor.

Tatiana Lawrence

Creative Director | Charlotte, NC

Creative strategist, Brainstorm Queen, Scrabble addict, wears ALL the hats (even the funny ones).

Lucy McQueen

Senior Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Helping clients tackle channel diversification and media planning across the funnel.

Erin Morningstar

Director of Client Strategy | Seattle, WA

Turning big ideas into bite-sized strategies through tactical expertise and thoughtful storytelling.

Brandon Nelson

Director of Business Analytics & Reporting | Seattle, WA

Using data and automation to improve operations and derive insights.

Mitch Reinhart

Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Lifelong competitor bringing passion for winning to the marketing space to help clients win.

DJ Sutton

Director, Media Services | New York, New York

Here to drive results and drink coffee, and I'm all out of coffee.

Jen Thomas

Creative Director | Seattle, WA

Creative problem-solver. Great big nerd.

Holly Tonkavitch

Director, Media Services | Pittsburgh, PA

Growing enterprise programs through strategic insights during last 10+ years of agency life.

Brad van Unen

Director, Media Services | Pittsburgh, PA

After launching his first digital campaign in 2001, still passionate about data-driven growth.

Austin Brown

Associate Director, Media Services | New York, New York

Engineer turned marketer leveraging analytical background to build successful marketing programs.

Kelsey Caesar

Associate Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Dedicated to helping brands find the perfect media mix across their conversion funnel.

Ross Collins

Associate Director, Media Services | Seattle, WA

Passionate performance marketer guiding clients through an ever-changing digital landscape.

Mikey del Rosario

Associate Creative Director | New York, New York

17+ years agency experience from creative technologist to a motion, design and dev pro.

Natalia Fernandez

Associate Director, Media Services | Fairbanks, AK

Over 16 years in the media industry bringing a passion for brand-building and performance strategy.

Teka Phan

Associate Director, Media Services | Charlottesville, VA

Media jane of all trades, always itching to learn the next new thing. TV lover, in and out of work.

Brianna Phillips

Associate Creative Director | Seattle, WA

Creative idea generator and content strategist.

Ryan Qunell

Associate Director, Allocations | Seattle, WA

Helping organizations achieve goals, improve strategies, & utilize their greatest assets: their people.

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