Advertising on Facebook – The Classic Image Ad is Here to Stay

Kevin Goodwin, VP of Media Services | Seattle, WA

Here’s What We Know

At New Engen, we work with dozens of brands who currently invest the majority of their Facebook media dollars into static image ads because they outperform video (see an example of one of our largest clients in the chart below). Concurrently, we also run tests to dethrone those image ads and evolve our media buying approach for those brands. A one-track approach may work today, but I can guarantee it will lose efficacy over time.

Here’s What You Can Do

So what factors should lead your strategy when building success on Facebook, you ask? Ultimately, diversification and experimentation – focus on giving Facebook the breadth and depth of data it needs to effectively power your campaigns. Additionally, spend more time analyzing your account data and less time listening to the predictions of media “gurus” who may not know your business.

Image Ads are Here to Stay

Do you agree or disagree? What does your data tell you? Reach out – we’d love to chat!