In the News: TikTok Continues To Be a Brand Marketer Darling Despite Its Geopolitical Dramas

SEATTLE, WA - Despite concerns over geopolitical tensions, privacy, and content, advertisers are still spending big on TikTok. And why wouldn't they? Ad dollars follow consumers.

New Engen VP of Media Services, Adam Telian, spoke with Krystal Scanlon at Digiday about the growing platform.

“The size of the user base has grown so much, and TikTok has proven its ability to drive full-funnel results for clients,” Telian explained. “By improving their pixel and data capture capabilities, the app is seeing better results in the lower funnel. TikTok has really shown its capabilities in driving conversion.” - Adam Telian, VP Media Services

Despite TikTok’s privacy and credibility concerns TikTok is a powerful platform with an even more powerful reach. The global reaching platform has proven its earning potential and longevity repeatedly amongst advertisers as ad dollars continue to shift to TikTok from other channels, from Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, even TV. Read the full article here.

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