In the News: TikTok Discourse Exposes Need for U.S. Federal Privacy Legislation

*The following is a summary of an article originally published by Digiday on April 3, 2023.

SEATTLE, WA-While a TikTok ban is a hot topic these days, it seems unlikely to happen. There are just too many barriers in the way of shutting down a platform with over 150 million users in the US.

“Precedent matters — we have zero precedent for a nationwide ban of such a popular technology and entertainment platform,” said Kevin Goodwin, vp of performance marketing at New Engen. “Since we’ve never seen it happen before, all marketers are skeptical TikTok will be the first to pay the price. On a smaller scale, while Meta and Google consistently face legislative pressure for specific products and ways of working, these pressures have never materially impacted their ability to provide products to users and advertisers.”

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