Changing the Channel: Go Where The Customers Are

Lucy McQueen, Senior Strategist, Emerging Opportunities

“Are You Still Watching?"

Ugh, yes… yes we are. As we all continue to adjust to this “new normal,” one thing has remained the same; time spent binge-watching. With the abrupt onset of a global pandemic, consumers have turned to video media to stay connected and entertained.

While certain areas are starting to open back up, there has been a foundational shift in not only how but how often viewers are interacting with video content. This is particularly true within YouTube and streaming digital TV services, which continue to experience unprecedented popularity. With this trend, we’ve seen agile marketers adapt incredibly quickly to ensure they’re shifting marketing dollars to where the consumers are spending their time – YouTube and CTV/OTT.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Ensure flexibility while delivering against marketing goals during this time and consider optimizing to reach and consideration goals instead of conversion goals.
  • Get creative! Utilize existing assets in new ways to test their ability to engage your audience. Create new scrappy “at-home” content to incorporate with existing assets.
  • Shift to purpose-oriented creative that strengthens relationships rather than product-oriented purchase focused ads.
  • Offer promotional discounts to help mitigate consumers concerns around spending.
  • Break marketing assumptions! There’s nothing ordinary about the current reality so don’t assume video marketing pillars still hold true. Increase test-and-learn capabilities to measure and understand how your audience is reacting now.

In need of some inspiration? Check out this purpose-oriented commercial, “We Will Toast Again”, from Guinness. In this example, they mixed existing brand assets with “at home” content to create a truly relatable message. In general, Guinness’ COVID-19 response commercials have consistently rated highly with consumers. You can do this, too!