Advertising Week Spotlight: Align Data Analytics With Big Picture Goals

Jordan Cardonick, VP of Analytics & Technology
New Engen Advertising Week

“Times have changed,” will always be marketing’s greatest understatement and reality.

With the onset of GDPR, CCPA, any number of other emerging regional legislations, and the ongoing tinkering of the platforms themselves, the old status quo is officially dead.

Yet, for as much impact as all this recent interrelated change has had, there’s still so much that we can do with data analytics and modeling as long as we synchronize internally and with our partners, and as long as we engage beyond the marketing plan and work toward the bigger picture for our businesses.

The data-driven promise is greater than any single marketing plan.

New Engen’s VP of Analytics and Technology, Jordan Cardonick, explains in this Advertising Week feature why it’s no longer enough for marketers to take a passive approach toward data analytics in 2022.

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