Outlander for Starz

Starz wanted to attract Netflix subscribers with paid social campaigns. We did it with a wink and a nudge.

Santa Monica, California — As Starz launched a new exclusive season of Outlander, they sought to target a very specific audience, seeking to convert new customers who’d had exposure to the show’s previous seasons on Netflix. Our creative team partnered with the Starz media team to provide creative strategy and production of a series of paid social ads designed to inspire that audience to convert to Starz subscribers.

Using the target audience as the basis for creative focus, we developed a testing framework using research into the content library, interests of superfans, and data on channel creative performance to provide a roadmap for creative production.

Going beyond the classic trailer format, we also used social native tactics: cinemagraphs and memes, with “winks” for the superfans—such as highlighting Claire’s penchant for whiskey—to “nudges” for deal seekers, emphasizing promotional pricing.

Copywriting: Katrina Otuonye

Art direction: Brianna Phelps

Design & editing: Sean Dutton

Produced by Justen Van Dyke

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