Gillette Labs: Razor Maker

We made a splash for a major innovation in grooming. (And we made some cool ads, too).

Boston, Massachusetts — Gillette Labs is responsible for the beloved legacy brand’s most exciting product innovations, and that entrepreneurial effort requires brand collateral and marketing that’s both elevated and agile. With the launch of Razor Maker imminent, they needed a creative partner that could amp up their presence online.

Building upon the inspiration for the product innovation itself, we conceptualized and executed the website splash graphics and core visual concepts for the Razor Maker ecommerce marketing launch.

Mixing the brand’s key art with stock assets and adding original creations into the mix, we created the visual foundation for brand look/feel online, as well as a variety of creative paths for testing across digital marketing channels.

Creative direction: Nora Bafus

Art direction: Jen Thomas

Design & editing: Sean Dutton

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